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From 'NSYNC To Drake, 13 Artists Who Recorded In Español And Didn't Embarrass Themselves

Even in Spanish, these artists aren't afraid to belt it out.

Learning a new language isn't easy, but these artists make it seem effortless. From Beyoncé to Drake, some of our favorite musicians have crossed language barriers and made a few sweet sounding songs in the process. And although they may not roll all their R's while going from English to Spanish, we're glad they took the plunge and rocked out en Español. Check out some of our favorites.

  1. Beyoncé

    "Irreemplazable" wasn't Beyoncé's only song in Spanish though. The diva has also recorded various songs in Español, including one with Mexican dreamboat Alejandro Fernandez.

  2. Kendrick Lamar

    While his word choice wasn't exactly wholesome, Kendrick showcased his Spanish skills in Schoolboy Q's "Collard Greens" and left his fellow TDE rapper shocked.

  3. Jennifer Lopez

    You'd think this Puerto Rican beauty would have been fluent in Spanish but, prior to filming 1997's "Selena," she actually didn't speak the language very well (and that's being kind). But after doing several promotional interviews for the film with Spanish-speaking press outlets, Jenn realized she needed to improve her Español. She eventually recorded an entire album, Como Ama Una Mujer (or, How a Woman Loves), in English.

  4. Demi Lovato

    Though her father was of Mexican and Spanish decent, Demi just can't speak or understand Spanish. That didn't stop her, however, from recording a few songs in her father's native tongue -- she even managed to perform live in Spanish on Univision alongside the charming Pablo Alboran.

  5. Azealia Banks

    Don't let Azealia's impressive Spanish fool you, she's actually not a native speaker. Azealia credits her Spanish to having been raised in Washington Heights by Dominican caretakers while her mother worked.

  6. Drake

    Although the Canadian rapper claims money taught him Spanish, with a smooth verse like the one he has in "Odio," alongside Latin heartthrob Romeo Santos, we'd like to think he had some extra classes.

  7. 'NSYNC

    In late 2000, 'NSYNC released two of their hit songs in Spanish: "Gone" and "This I Promise You." Now, the question is, which 'NSYNC member sings best in Spanish? My vote is for JC.

  8. Christina Aguilera

    Half-Ecuadorian Christina doesn't speak Spanish fluently, but that didn't stop her from recording many songs in Spanish, including her feature on 2013's "it" song "Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti," alongside Beyoncé's former duet partner, Alejandro Fernandez.

  9. Madonna

    Madonna's 1987 single "La Isla Bonita" is filled with cultural references and a few Spanish phrases. It also makes us wonder whether Madonna could have been Latina in another life.

  10. Ludacris

    Luda isn't only suave in English: Check out how smooth he can be while rapping in Spanish.

  11. Ariana Grande

    Could it be "the way" Ariana sings in clear, accent-less Spanish, or is it that her last name is, fittingly, Grande? Either way, Ari makes a pretty convincing Latina.

  12. Mariah Carey

    This vocal goddess recorded the ever memorable '90s hit "My All" in Spanish, renaming it "Mi Todo," but, according to her autobiography, whoever translated the song did a poor job and Spanish speakers criticized the new version, leaving Mariah embarrassed. That didn't keep her from teasing the song during a concert in China, nor from from singing her Spanglish version of "Beautiful," featuring Miguel . Menos mal (thank goodness), Mariah!

  13. Toni Braxton

    After having won a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Performance in 1996, it's no surprise that this '90s R&B superstar decided to record her hit "Unbreak My Heart" in Spanish as well. "Regresa a Mi" was not only a hit for Toni, but also for Il Divo, a classical crossover group that saw tons of acclaim after singing the sultry Spanish version.