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Swoon: George Clooney Is Officially A Disney Prince Now

When you wish upon a star, Prince George will appear to make your dreams come true.

With reporting by Nicole Pajer.

Prince Charming, Price Philip, Prince Eric, Prince Adam and Prince Naveen can now welcome another perfectly chiseled man to the Disney Prince club: Prince George. (No, not that Prince George.)

George Clooney can officially call himself a Disney Prince after his starring role in Disney's futuristic odyssey "Tomorrowland." The perks of becoming Disney royalty? Personalized mouse ears, obviously. "I've gotten some ears that I get to wear everywhere I go, which is really exciting," Clooney told MTV News at a press day ahead of the film's release.

Yep. We're already swooning.

In addition to the ears, the actor also reveled in the idea of making a classic Disney picture. "This is actually a real Disney film," Clooney said. "It feels like Walt Disney has his hand in it, in a way. That's what was so nice making it. It felt like a real tip of the hat back to the 1950s."

"Tomorrowland" hits theaters May 22.