These Sneaky Students Convinced Their Teacher To Show 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' In Class

Does this count as a sex ed video?

"Fifty Shades of Grey" got a surprise screening in a West Virginia classroom last week, thanks to a group of ambitious teens and a remarkably clueless teacher.

The controversial film, about a naive college student who enters a BDSM relationship with a tormented billionaire playboy, was put on for the class after they successfully convinced their teacher that they should be allowed to watch it as a reward for doing good work.

According to the report in the Charleston Daily Mail, the unnamed educator hadn't heard of "Fifty Shades" and didn't realize that it wasn't, ahem, classroom-appropriate, which might actually be the craziest thing about this entire story (seriously, has he been asleep for the past two years?).

However, a vice principal walking past the classroom apparently recognized what was happening (so you know this movie, eh, Vice Principal? Wink!) and put a stop to the screening well before anything steamy could happen, since "Fifty Shades of Grey" takes a documented 40-something minutes to get to the sexy bits.

No further details about the incident, including the identity of the teacher or the subject being taught, have been disclosed, which means that we'll just have to wonder a) why one of these kids was toting around a "Fifty Shades" DVD in their backpack to begin with, and b) what incredible lie they must have told to get it on a classroom TV. A documentary about color theory, maybe?