Get A Peek At Bea Miller's Polaroid-Packed Video For Pump-Up Jam 'Fire N Gold'

The premiere is almost here!

Feeling down in the dumps? Alienated? Like no one understands you? Bea Miller's got you -- MTV's Artist To Watch is premiering the video for her pump-up jam, "Fire N Gold," Tuesday exclusively at and we've got a sneak peek.

“It’s reminding all the people who are really down in the dumps and who feel like they’re alienated and like no one understands them and they’re really alone that they do have a purpose in life and that they are here for a reason,” Bea told MTV News of the song, the video for which has had a few different versions. “Even if they can’t see, I can.”

We're not really sure how that idea will be made manifest in the video -- but we HAVE gleaned (from Bea herself and the below GIFs) that it will features tons of emotion, dancing and Polaroid photos.

"I actually took the majority of the Polaroids that we have," Miller told MTV News. "It was really fun, because I got to take pictures of everyone. I really like being behind the camera, actually, more than I like being in front of it."

Well, lady, we're looking forward to seeing your work on both sides of the lens when the video drops tomorrow. In the meantime, let's look at these GIFs obsessively! Here's what we know so far...

She smiles and then sometimes does not smile

She dances like a boss

She lies on this bed covered in photos