Need To Entertain Yourself Between Summer Festival Sets? Here Are A Few Ideas

You can thank us later.

GULF SHORES, Alabama -- Okay, let's get the obvious out of the way: If you're at a music festival this summer, you're probably there to, um, see some musicians perform. But, let's be honest -- it's a marathon and you can't possibly catch every single show without burning out.

Every once in awhile you'll need to take a little break to recharge, but that doesn't mean sitting around and staring at your festival buddies is the answer.

During our time at the Hangout Music Festival this weekend, we spied more than a few strategies for passing time in between sets. Maybe you'll find some inspiration below.

  • Get some air

    Gather the crew for a friendly, or not-so-friendly, game of volleyball. It'll get you amped before the next show.

  • Get hitched

    Not for real though...your family would never forgive you.

  • Challenge your mind

    With a game of chess. Mom would be proud.

  • Get creative

    These ain't your nephew's sandcastle.

  • Or, just chill

    You really can't go wrong poolside.

  • Go shopping

    Be generous. Get some gifts for everyone who couldn't make it.

  • Scream

    Try something new. See how high you can go without squealing.

  • Get some juice

    Charge those batteries so you can keep sharing everything on Instagram and Snapchat.

  • Run for shade!

    Forgot your sunblock? Duck under a tent and enjoy a cool breeze 'till the next show.

  • Put your back into it

    Try a little spike ball to keep you limber.

  • Casual competition

    A little ping pong, anyone?

  • Refresh

    When all else fails, run straight into the ocean. Or, a wide open field will do the trick as well.

Feeling Hangout Fest FOMO? Watch it all go down on our live-stream below: