MisterWives Dig The Beach -- But One Of Them Doesn't Know How To Swim

Can you guess who the mystery person is?

GULF SHORES, Alabama -- It's the third and final day of Hangout Music Festival, but fans are still going strong. MisterWives took the stage on Sunday, May 17, and their energy lit up the entire beach. I was running on minimal sleep and no coffee, but their kickass performance instantly got me pumped for the day (and, like, the rest of the summer).

The band opened with their hit song "Our Own House" off their debut album, which dropped this past February. I spoke to the group before their performance to talk about their first time at Hangout Fest. Naturally they were super psyched to play on the beach, and their set very appropriately included their song "Oceans."

"We're playing in paradise," lead singer Mandy Lee told me in the interview above.

"Beaches in New York do not look like this," she laughed. "You're swimming with trash ... here's a condom, there's a Coca-Cola can, so this is very refreshing."

Lee also revealed that William Hehir, the band's bass guitarist, doesn't know how to swim. I assumed this meant an impromptu dip in the ocean -- a very great way to cool off after the band absolutely KILLED IT on stage with their own songs, as well as "Uptown Funk" and "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" covers -- would be out of the question.

But judging from MTV's Vine below, I may have been very, very wrong. Watch Hehir take a fearless running leap into the ocean:

BTW, MisterWives' cool AF vibes aren't limited to just the stage. They're awesome people IRL too. I fangirled like crazy over meeting them in person. They're one of my all-time favorite bands; their song "Queens" legit gives me chills every time I hear it. It was wayyy awesome to interview them, and they were more than happy to snap a Hangout Fest pic with me:

Gavin Alaoen / MTV

This was my first time at Hangout Fest too, and these guys made it even more awesome than it already was. Thank you! *high five emoji*

Feeling Hangout Fest FOMO? Watch it all go down on our live-stream below: