Things Get Funny And Awkward When You Bring A Kiss Cam To The Beach


GULF SHORES, Alabama -- You've been probably seen a few great -- and awkward -- encounters on the Kiss Cam during televised sporting events, but why should those fans get to have all the fun?

This year we decided to bring the Kiss Cam to Hangout Fest, and you're just lucky that we didn't catch you. Or, unlucky, depending on how you want to look at it.

MTV's Morgan Evans hit the beach on Saturday to see which festival-goers would pucker up for the camera and there were definitely a few takers. And, two people might've even gotten hitched on the beach.

Morgan also got in the smooching himself, because who could pass up the opportunity to kiss strangers on a beach? Watch what went down, above.

Feeling Hangout Fest FOMO? Watch it all go down on our live-stream below: