Summer Festival Alert: Metallic Tattoos Are The New Flower Crowns

Gold and silver errythang.

Last year, you couldn't move a foot through the crowd at Hangout Fest without bumping into someone wearing a flower crown, but this year, it's all about the metallic tattoos.

Girls and guys alike were covered in silver and gold temporary tattoos, and Victoria Balitcaia, who works at the Fantasy Face & Tattoo Stand at Hangout told us that she's done more than 2,000 of these tattoos by day two of the annual festival.

"That's the top thing you have to have for the festival," she told MTV News on Saturday, May 16, revealing that although she had a station here last year, the number she did then, in comparison to now, is "not even close."

"Everybody wants to get it done," she added. "The guys love them."

  • The name game

    Do like Claire and get your name tattooed in metallic letters across your chest. No one will ever have trouble identifying you.

  • Arm bands

    Keep it classic, with the arm band look that started it all.

  • Make a necklace out of it

    You won't find this in your neighborhood jewelry shop.

  • Step ya bikini game up

    Florals are cool, but a little metallic enhancement is even cooler.

  • Full accessory game

    Arms bands, bracelets, rings: She's winning.

  • Chest adornment?

    Not even sure how to describe this one but it's awesome.

  • But wait -- what about the fellas?
    Nadeska Alexis/MTV

    Girls can't have all the fun.

  • Right?

    This guy was down with the movement, too.

  • Better watch your back ladies

    Literally. Because the competition is stiff out here.

  • But the guys have more to show

    With some pretty elaborate designs.

  • It works on any body part

    Front, or back. Top, or bottom.

  • As long as it makes you feel...

    Then you did the right thing.

  • This is where the magic happens

    In case you were wondering. It's not too late, just get in line!

  • Take your pick

    There's lots to choose from.

Feeling Hangout Fest FOMO? Watch it all go down on our live-stream below: