Let Justin Bieber And Jack U Be Your Lesson In Trust

'Where Are Ü Now,' was a hit at Hangout.

GULF SHORES, Alabama -- Separately, both Diplo and Skrillex are more than enough to get the party started, but when they're together as Jack Ü, they'll absolutely blow the roof off of any venue they play. That's exactly what happened on Friday night, when the star DJs took the stage at the 2015 Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Now, imagine if the duo throws Justin Bieber into the mix. No the Biebs didn't show up at Hangout, but when Jack Ü spun "Where Are Ü Now," their Justin-assisted hit single, concertgoers in Hangout's Boom Boom Tent lost all of their chill.

"With us there couldn't have been a more unexpected, weirder idea than just [to] do a song with Justin Bieber. So that's kinda why we did it I think," Diplo told MTV's Sway Calloway after he and Skrillex finished their set.

Granted, Bieber is a huge pop star, and Jack Ü are more niche, with their EDM sounds, but that doesn't mean they can't work together, right?

"We met him at a club randomly... If there's good chemistry and the vibe is alright, you can't be afraid to try anything with anybody. There's no reason you should ever limit yourself," Skrillex added.

Jack Ü knows how big of a star Bieber is and they give major props to his manager Scooter Braun and the rest of his team for helping to make the electric dance hit become a reality.

"Shoutout to them for trusting us," Skrillex added. "There's so much around that big major label area, there's a lot of protection and there's a lot of politics, but it's cool that someone like him and his team trusted us to make the record the way we want to make it."

Feeling Hangout Fest FOMO? Watch it all go down on our live-stream below: