Is Bea Miller Making Music With Jacob Whitesides?

These aren't the only 'X Factor' alums who have been paling around.

Singing competition shows might be kind of on their way out -- what with "American Idol" being cancelled and all -- but we can take some solace in the fact that their alums are doing pret-ty well for themselves, particularly those from "X Factor."

Bea Miller is one of those alums, having come in ninth place on season two of the show, which also featured pals Fifth Harmony. She's set to release her debut record, Not An Apology, on July 24.

"We kind of started at the bottom together," MTV Artist To Watch Miller told us this week. She then proceeded to tell us a hilarious and adorable story about the dance parties the ladies -- and their moms -- had in the mansion to blow off steam.

Fifth Harmony aren't the only contestants that Bea still hangs with -- she's also pretty tight with Jacob Whitesides, who auditioned for the show but didn't get past bootcamp. "[It's] funny now, because he's so successful now," Miller said.

"That's where I met him and so I've just been kind of talking to him ever since," she added. "We travel and we end up at the same places at the same time, which is kind of cool. It's cool that even through the times that we never really saw each other we stayed really close."

They're so close, it seems, that Bea is slated to open for Jacob's former tourmates this summer -- you guessed it, Fifth Harmony! Also, it looks like they're doing more than just hanging out when they travel: "Jacob and I are planning to do a song together," she said. "But I can't tell you anything else because we don't know anything else."