Watch Bea Miller’s Gritty A Cappella Rendition Of Nick Jonas’ ‘Chains’

Bea and her own band of Bellas strip Nick's R&B track way down.

In case you had any doubt about why Bea Miller deserves the title of MTV’s next Artist To Watch, sit back and be mesmerized by her aca-mazing rendition of Nick Jonas’ “Chains.”

The 16-year-old teamed up with CoverGirl for a “Pitch Perfect 2”-inspired a cappella version of the pop-R&B jam, infusing it with her own strong vocals and rock sensibilities.

We know what you’re probably thinking: how in the world could anyone do “Chains” justice without the song’s distinctive heavy beats and R&B flavor? That’s where Bea’s posse of wickedly talented a cappella gals (who could definitely give the Barden Bellas a run for their money) comes in and lets their voices mimic the ominous drops in the original version. At the center of it all is Bea, whose commanding voice has never sounded so gorgeous.


As for what Nick thinks of the cover, we can only assume he’s as awed by it as we are. After all, he and Bea got chummy at Wango Tango last weekend, where we like to imagine he gave his special seal of approval.

Check out the video to see Bea and the girls’ vocal and physical strength in action (literally — they actually pick up and move a bunch of heavy-looking furniture onto a rooftop!).