Devin Colvin

Here's Why EDM Producer Morgan Page Is Basically Captain Planet

He's making tunes and saving the world -- all at the same time.

By Kat Boehrer, with reporting by Andrew Maclean

Morgan Page may be a Grammy-nominated DJ and producer, but did you all know that he's also kind of Captain Planet?

EDM fans may know Page from his work on big-room hits “Fight for You” and “In the Air" as well as his new record, DC to Light -- but what you might not know is that that album was inspired by the usage of solar panels to create electricity to power his at-home studio.

It’s intriguing that a creator and performer of electronic music -- who performs in a sea of strobing lights, lasers and LEDs -- would also be keen on conserving electricity and energy.

Page told us, however, that he's been into helping the environment since he was a kid. At his childhood home in Vermont, his parents installed solar panels as a means of harvesting alternative energy. They also opened his eyes to Tesla, a company that creates luxury, rechargeable electric cars -- as well as large-scale batteries for harvesting and storing electricity.

Page points out that other EDM stars have also begun to take strides to reduce their carbon footprint -- whether it’s on purpose or not. Many superstars like Deadmau5, Zedd, Diplo and Page himself have invested in Tesla’s luxury vehicles, which run on electric charges rather than gasoline.

He’s such a big fan of the company that he even gives them music for free. “I've been lucky enough to meet guys like Elon Musk [the CEO of Tesla Motors] and he's a fan -- he comes to shows," Page told MTV News. "I give them some of my songs just as a favor, as a good will thing. It’s just an honor to work with these companies. And I can do my music and have this sort of technology thing on the side that empowers everything."

Energy conservation is a hot topic in Washington, DC, where just a few weeks ago a bill was passed that focuses on improving energy efficiency in buildings and water heaters.

The fact that the efforts to seek better, more resourceful uses of energy trickle all the way over to the Hollywood music industry is encouraging. Page voiced his wish to use the reach of EDM to spread the word about renewable energy, so we’ll be looking forward to that in the future.