Becky G And Austin Mahone Are ‘Having Fun,’ But Are They In Love?

Becky has some serious 'heart eyes' for her BF.

We know that Austin Mahone and Becky G are dating, but could they already be in love?

Well, maybe not yet.

"Am I in love? I'm young," Becky told E! News. "I'm doing what young people should do, [which] is having fun. I'm having fun."

That doesn't mean she isn't sporting some serious "heart eyes right now" for Austin, who recently confirmed to us that the two were dating after they were hinting at a relationship with some pics on Instagram.

But this relationship didn't just spark overnight; these two have been friends for a really long time.

"We started off as really great friends and we would always check in on each other: 'How's your fam doing? How's the music going?' And we would always get in the studio together," Becky said. "And you grow up and things happen and here we are."

The two took their relationship to a whole new level for Becky's "Lovin' So Hard" video, where she starred alongside her real-life BF and gave us an inside glimpse into their relationship. And if you like seeing these two together, get ready for more -- Becky teased that there is a collaboration between them on the way.

"Actually not so long ago we were in the studio working on a song that hopefully will make it to my album," she said. "So hopefully it gets out for the fans to hear it because I know they are excited about it."