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This Mother's Day, You Can Send Your Mom A Cam'ron Card

Yes, it's real.

Mother's Day is just around the corner and thanks to Cam'ron, you won't have to scramble for a card.

That's right, the Dipset MC who has his face on shower curtains, pillows and duvets, has made his very own Mother's Day cards available and they're pretty awesome.

The cards feature Killa and his mom posing for the camera. And no, the card wasn't made by Hallmark; it was made by Harlem World. Instead of the Hallmark logo, you get the Dipset emblem. Yep, it's all in the details of the packaging. It's available through HugginTheBlock for $7 a pop.

Even though they only used one photo for this year's design, Cam and his mom have plenty of shots that would work for next year's Mother's Day card, too. Here's a look at just a few of them thanks to Killa's mom's Instagram account.

The Mother's Day Kiss

Their First Photo Shoot

This Lovely Photo From The Du-Rag Era

And The Classic