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Alicia Vikander Explains How Her Movie With Eddie Redmayne Respects The Trans Community

The "Ex Machina" star opens up about her next project.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

As Oscar voters already proved, when Eddie Redmayne transforms himself into a new character, everybody wins. But arguably even tougher than wearing Stephen Hawking's shoes will be Redmayne's next project, "The Danish Girl." In "Danish Girl," Redmayne takes on the role of the real-life artist Einar Wegener, who had the first ever male-to-female sexual reassignment surgery and became Lili Elbe -- which is obviously a huge issue to this day, given the tragically high rates of transgender murders and suicides.

However, "Ex Machina" star Alicia Vikander -- who plays Elbe's equally famous artist wife Gerda Wegener in the film -- says that the trans community supported the project every step of the way.

"We had a lot of people from the trans community who came on set, and who were involved in the film, so definitely that was something [we thought about]," she told MTV News. "It is in our time, it's happening right now, and it's a fantastic story -- and a true one."

And of course, working with someone like Redmayne who has already shown that he can fully commit to a role of this magnitude probably helps.

"He is extraordinary in the film," Vikander continued. "In a few months, people will see that. He approaches his character from a very physical point, and he really transformed and made a beautiful character."