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A New 'Magic Mike XXL' Trailer Has Thrust Its Way Onto The Internet, And It's Glorious

Joe Manganiello has his way with a freezer case.

They're handsome, they're well-oiled, and they're heading south...in a repurposed ice cream truck.

The boys of "Magic Mike XXL" are back with a brand new trailer, featuring all of the following: Channing Tatum's liquid hips, Joe Manganiello dry-humping a freezer case before dumping water over his head in public, cougars, Matt Bomer meditating and Donald Glover declaring himself -- and his cohort -- a "healer."

Yeah, we're into it.

The former stripper kings of Tampa hit the road in the hotly anticipated sequel to "Magic Mike," heading to what sounds like...a stripper convention? Sure! There's mention of new choreography, so while we're holding out hope for a "Pony" reprise (please? please!), we can't wait to see what new moves the guys come up with. We're already blushing, and the movie -- already touting the innuendo-ready hashtag #comeagain -- doesn't hit until July 1.

Is it hot in here, or is it just Channing Tatum? Always a valid question.