This Guy Raises Trash Can Basketball To The Level Of Art: Watch

Why is he making YouTube videos instead of millions in the NBA?

Some of us weren't born with much in the way of hand-eye coordination. We'll bump into a doorframe every time we switch rooms, knock over any object that isn't bolted to the floor, and prefer to drink out of plastic cups because real glasses have a way of slipping through our fingers.

But then there are people on the other end of the spectrum, like Josh Hawkins of Sydney, Australia, who has apparently perfected the favorite pastime of every bored office worker: tossing junk into junk. And "hand-eye coordination" isn't even the right phrase here, considering that Hawkins does it facing backward -- we couldn't even sink these shots (like a DVD into a DVD player!) while looking at our targets:

With more than 1.5 million views in 24 hours, Hawkins may want to consider that the 2015 NBA Draft is coming up next month -- though commenters are debating whether the video uses trick editing. And of course, it'd probably be trickier to land his trick shots while dealing with actual defense...

In the meantime, Hawkins is resting up. Watch out, LeBron.