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Watch Jordin Sparks’ Step-By-Step Guide To Getting A ‘Double Tap’ On Instagram

Just follow these 4 simple rules.

Jordin Sparks knows what its like to get a double tap...on Instagram!

Dirty minds.

The singer recently released "Double Tap," the first single off her upcoming album, Right Here, Right Now, and while you can take the meaning behind the song a "couple different ways" Jordin told us exactly what it's about.

"It is about a girl who knows that a guy is stalking her page," she said. "And will not double tap that picture."

MTV | Colin Gray

But what if you want someone to double tap your Instagram pics? Well, since Jordin has nearly a million followers on the social media site, we asked her to give up her secrets.

So take a look at Jordin's step-by-step guide on how to get a like, and who knows, maybe you'll be Instafamous?