The 'Fifty Shades' Sequel Is Going To Be A Sexy Thriller -- Here's Why

Darker, indeed.

For any "Fifty Shades of Grey" fans worried that the second installment of the franchise may lose its edge, fear not: Universal Pictures chair Donna Langley described "Fifty Shades Darker" as "more of a thriller," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

At an event yesterday, Langley spoke briefly on the future of the franchise, expressing confidence in Niall Leonard, who is "Fifty Shades" author E.L. James' husband and has come on board to write "Fifty Shades Darker."

"He actually did a draft that wasn’t credited on the first movie, and he did a really good job," she said.

She also cleared the air about director Sam Taylor-Johnson leaving the franchise.

"For the record," she said, "the movie we ended up making is exactly the movie I wanted to make and that the studio wanted to make and that our director wanted to make."

Well then.

It's the "thriller" comments that excite us the most about all this. Because knowing what happens in the book, it's only appropriate that the focus is a little less on the bedroom action and slightly more on the intrigue and mystery of the plot. It's not like Christian can introduce Ana to the world of BDSM with a fake contract and take her virginity more than once, you know?

Spoilers for "Fifty Shades Darker" ahead.

Could it be the helicopter crash? The blackmail? The business negotiations? (With actual businesses this time, as opposed to fake contracts.) Oh, oh, or the part where Ana gets auctioned off for thousands and thousands of dollars? Exciting!

Add all that to the fact that there are sure to be plenty of sexytimes (can't ask tiger Christian to totally change his stripes, right?), and you've got one sexy thriller. "Fifty Shades Darker" indeed.

We can't wait for the first look at "Fifty Shades Darker" promised on the home release of "Fifty Shades of Grey." The first movie hits Digital HD May 1, and Blu-Ray and DVD May 8.