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'Young & Hungry': Kylie Minogue Is Keeping A Huge Secret In Our Exclusive Clip

Gabi and Shauna have a heart-to-heart about Josh over a cuppa.

Kylie Minogue is stirring up trouble on "Young & Hungry."

The songstress makes her debut as Shauna, a charming tech reporter, in Wednesday's all-new episode ("Young & Moving") -- and Josh (Jonathan Sadowski) can't get her out of his head. This, of course, might make things awkward for Gabi (Emily Osment). But not in the way you might be thinking.

As it turns out, Gabi and Shauna are like two peas in a pod. Josh's lucky suit strikes again! Or so we thought...

Check out our exclusive clip of their awkwardly adorable -- and surprisingly ominous -- interaction below.

We wouldn't mind having a cuppa with Shauna. She actually seems like an awesome catch for Josh. Too bad she's hiding a "very big secret" from him. Good intentions or not, we don't like seeing Josh get his heart broken. AGAIN.