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It's Only Rational To Love Emma Stone In This 'Irrational Man' Trailer

I mean, come on.

It's OK if you're excited -- it's only rational. After all, this means that Emma Stone is coming back into our big screen lives again soon.

The first trailer for Woody Allen's next cinematic effort, "Irrational Man," is here, as debuted by People. Stone and Joaquin Phoenix star as a university student and an eccentric philosophy professor who become entangled. Phoenix, as Abe, wishes that his psychic condition could be summed up as simply as Stone's character has diagnosed: "you suffer from despair."

Parker Posey and Jamie Blackley also star in the movie, which looks to be replete with Allen's signature jazzy music, voiceovers, a touch of mystery and, of course, endlessly quotable lines tossed off by endlessly enigmatic men. (Admit it, you're probably going to throw your hands up and declare that "this was the meaningful act I was searching for!" sometime in the near future. Just embrace it.)

Irrational Man -Trailer

"Irrational Man" is set to hit theaters July 17.