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Why Tonight's 'The Flash' Is One Of The Best Of The Year

"I can't save them all."

Sometimes The CW's "The Flash" is so good it hurts my heart to watch it, from the flurry of excitement, to emotion; from twists, to huge character moments; from mind-boggling science-fiction plots, to hilarious, laugh out loud funny jokes. "The Trap," tonight's (April 28) episode delivers that and more so -- and ranks up there with the best episodes of a show that hasn't had a bad hour all season.

Thanks to a screener provided in advance by The CW, here's everything you'll want to know about Team Flash's showdown with Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh):

Mild spoilers for "The Flash" beyond this point.

  1. Forget The Freak Of The Week
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    We're entering season endgame territory here, which means there's no time for a freak of the week. There's still some crazy science (which we'll get to in a second), but now that the whole team suspects Wells is responsible for the murder of Barry Allen's (Grant Gustin) mother, there's not a lot of time to explain someone else's powers.

    And the razor-sharp focus helps... Cavanagh, known more for comedy than drama is exactly the right kind of menacing, and when he cuts loose fully as the villainous Reverse Flash, it's an absolute, cackling delight.

    By the way, by episode's end, if it wasn't already abundantly clear what Wells' (or rather, Eobard Thawne) plan actually is, you'll know almost all of what's going on... Though there's still a few twists to come before we wrap up the season.

  2. My Heart Won't Go On
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    Seriously, if our exclusive scene of Eddie (Rick Cosnett) announcing his intention to propose to Iris (Candace Patton) gave you an attack right in the feel-muscle you are not prepared. The proposed proposal is just the beginning of several moments that will turn WestAllen fans into a big pile of dead by the end of the first flippin' scene.

    Seriously, if that wasn't enough of a tease, how about this quote that appears somewhere in the episode: "One day she's going to wake up and realize she married the wrong guy."


  3. Wildest Dreams
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    Mild spoiler time, but after a fair amount of figuring out of the rules of time travel, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) enters his own dreamscape to figure out just what happened the night he was "killed" by Wells, and it leads to probably the most self-aware joke in the series.

    Seriously, if you didn't already think Cisco was one of the funniest characters on TV, you will after this hour -- as he takes his self-awareness of every scenario to brand new levels.

    Not only that, but remember that rollercoaster of emotions we mentioned? How about having to relive the moment Cisco died -- easily the most heartbreaking moment of the television season -- multiple times throughout the episode. I'm not saying it happens exactly the same way each time, but returning to his "death" time and again ratchets the tension and emotion of the episode to nearly uncomfortable heights.

  4. Costume? Drama
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    Barry doesn't actually put on his costume until about 19 minutes into the episode, and it's still one of the most exciting and action-packed of the season. Think about that for a second: a superhero show, called "The Flash," and technically the Flash doesn't show up until halfway through.

    That's how good the writing and characters are at this point on the show, that it can squeeze excitement out of any character interactions, not just superhero fights.

    Granted: there are superhero fights (or at least some action) in the episode, including a brand new use of Barry's powers... But as good as those bits are, it's the out-of-costume stuff that shines just as brightly, if not moreso.

  5. Flash(Back)
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    Again, mild spoilers, but some of the episode takes place in the past, flashing (sorry) back to when Barry was in a coma after the particle accelerator explosion. And though there's some seriously great stuff with Joe (Jesse L. Martin), it's Iris who steals the show with a heartbreaking scene by Barry's bed. Seriously, there won't be a dry eye in the house.

  6. "The Trap"
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    We won't say anything about the episode's title, or what it means -- but suffice to say there's about a five minute period around this central set-piece that has so many twists I thought I had whiplash... And that's before the last five minutes, which has at least three of the biggest moments in the history of the show.

    Yeah, this episode is that huge... And the season isn't even over yet. We're in for a wild ride.