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Which One Of Nina Dobrev's 'TVD' Doppelgangers Are You?

Do you have what it takes to be a Katherine?

Say what you want about Nina Dobrev leaving "The Vampire Diaries," but you can't say homegirl doesn't deserve a break. Through the past six seasons, Dobrev has brilliantly played not one, not two, but four characters on the hit CW series. FOUR DIFFERENT CHARACTERS. And they all had vastly different personalities -- from the bats--t crazy Amara to the totally badass H.B.I.C. Katherine Pierce.

No wonder Dobrev wants some time to herself! (Yeah, we know "Orphan Black" star Tatiana Maslany does this on a regular basis, but that clone-tastic show only has 10-episode seasons.)

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With Elena Gilbert's "six season adventure" coming to an end in a few weeks -- Dobrev's final episode will be the season six finale -- we wanted to honor Dobrev's hard work with a quiz. We know you've stayed up late thinking about which Petrova doppelganger you are, so why not make things official with our scientifically accurate quiz?

Go ahead, we won't judge your result.