James Franco Reveals The Truth About His 'Baby' With Selena Gomez

No actual babies were made in the making of this story.

With Reporting by Josh Horowitz

What happens on spring break, stays in spring break — unless you're James Franco, in which case, you disclose your spring break shenanigans to the entire world.

Last month, Franco posted a picture on Instagram of his "Spring Breakers" co-star Selena Gomez holding a baby on the set of their new movie together, "In Dubious Battle." Franco wrote: "Selena and I had a baby. It was born during Sprang Break." To say the picture and comment caught people's attention would be an enormous understatement — and that's exactly how Franco wanted it.

"MTV eats that up!" the "Adderall Diaries" star announced, when Josh Horowitz asked him about the photo. And, okay, sure, he's right. What do you want from us, James? It's delicious!

The picture was taken on the set of Franco's new directorial effort, an adaptation of the 1936 John Steinbeck novel. From his perspective, Franco shared the photo of his "baby" with Selena in order to get ahead of any and all inevitable set leaks.

"For me, in that case, people are already sneaking pictures on my set," he said. "They're already getting out. So I figure, well, that's my material. I created that. That's my actress. That's my friend, Selena. I'll take a little ownership of that photo, because it's already out there. It's just a way to take a claim of it."

So, sorry, no actual Alien-Faith offspring to speak of at this moment in time — but no one's stopping you from dreaming up all the Franco-fueled fan fiction you want!