Here Are 16 Things You Should Know About Martin O'Malley, Who Just Announced He's Running For President

He had a feud with the creators of 'The Wire,' and plays celtic rock...but can he rock the White House?

Martin O'Malley has announced that he is throwing down for the 2016 presidential election, joining Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the race for the Democratic nomination.

And, he says he's here to win.

If you haven't heard much about the "Rock 'n Roll Governor" from Maryland, now's your chance to read up!

  1. He's a Democrat from Maryland.

    He was the Governor of Maryland from 2007 to 2015 and served as mayor of Baltimore from 1997 to 2007.

  2. He has a wife - and she's a judge.

    O'Malley and his wife, Catherine "Katie" Curran, met while in law school in 1986. They married in 1990.

  3. And four kids (and two dogs!)
    Martin O'Malley via Facebook

    They have two daughters and two sons: Grace, Tara, William, and Jack. Also, two pups: Rex and Winston.

  4. He's a history buff.

    O'Malley knows his stuff, particularly if we're talking Maryland's history. He gave what was basically a mini-AP U.S. History lecture in his 2012 Democratic National Convention address and has been featured on The History Channel talking about the War of 1812.

  5. He takes a mean selfie.

    O'Malley — like Mitt Romney before him — is known for taking selfies with errybody.

  6. He's very much in favor of immigration reform.

    During his time as Governor, O’Malley passed the DREAM Act in Maryland, providing in-state tuition for high school students regardless of their immigration status, provided they attended a Maryland high school for three years and they or their parents have paid state income taxes during that time.

  7. He's been a long-time supporter of same-sex marriage.

    Although he's an Irish Catholic and was urged by the archbishop of Baltimore not to support bills in favor of same-sex marriage, he responded "I do not presume, nor would I ever presume as Governor, to question or infringe upon your freedom to define, to preach about, and to administer the sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church. But on the public issue of granting equal civil marital rights to same-sex couples, you and I disagree." O'Malley later signed the bill in March of 2012.

  8. He's pro-choice (and isn't afraid to get shady about it.)

    O'Malley is in favor of expanding women's healthcare options. He's also a fan of twitter shade.

  9. He hates "The Wire" a lot.

    O'Malley has been cited as one of the inspirations for fictional Baltimore Mayor Tommy Carcetti on the HBO series and has been pretty vocal about how much he doesn't like the show or its portrayal of his home state---even though it's President Obama's favorite.

  10. But it looks like he got over it.

    O'Malley and "The Wire" creator, David Simon, were able to have a totally civil exchange on a Baltimore Amtrak that ended with a Pogues sing-a-long and a selfie. We're kind of jealous, tbh.

  11. His legacy in Baltimore has been questioned.

    O'Malley's time as mayor of Baltimore saw the arrests of 100,000 people (the city's population was about 640,000 at the time) and many protestors believe his "zero-tolerance" policy contributed to the climate of distrust between civilians and police officers.

    However, O'Malley says that there still is a need for change in policy, and encourages the use of body cameras by police officers. He told The New York Times "We never became perfect at improving public safety or improving how we police the police, but we tried to improve every single day, and that’s what we need to do in this day."

  12. He wants to keep college as cheap as possible.

    Seeing the effect college tuition costs (and the debt that surely follows) had on the middle class, O'Malley supported freezing tuition hikes in Maryland throughout his time as governor. He's generally been a supporter of finding ways to make higher education affordable for all families.

  13. He called "bullsh-t" on Marco Rubio. Literally.

    In an April interview with NPR, O'Malley said, in reference to a discussion about Marco Rubio's economic beliefs: "... it is not true that regulation holds poor people down or regulation keeps middle class from advancing. That's kind of patently bullish-t." Tell us how you really feel, Marty.

  14. He's a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

    He had a short role in "Ladder 49," the 2004 drama about Baltimore firefighters, that earned him an IMDB cred and a $650 pay check (which he later donated to a Baltimore firehouse.) He played himself. We think he sold it.

  15. He supports raising the minimum wage.

    In Maryland he raised the state's minimum wage to $10.10, and he's been vocal about seeing similar changes nationally.

  16. He's musical As F--k.

    O'Malley plays the banjo, guitar, and sings. Watching some videos of him performing is kind of like watching your dad do karaoke. He's been part of his own Celtic Rock Band, "O'Malley's March," since 1988. It's no wonder he was nicknamed the "Rock n' Roll" governor.