Watch Michael B. Jordan Brilliantly Shut Down A 'Fantastic Four' Question About His Race

The actor isn't discussing the racial makeup of his onscreen family.

Michael B. Jordan is happy to answer just about any question about his role in "Fantastic Four," but ask about the racial makeup of his onscreen family, and he'll politely but firmly shut you down.

Jordan was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night (April 21) to talk about the upcoming movie, but the interview got a little bit tense when Kimmel wouldn't stop asking questions about the obvious differences between the actor and his onscreen sis, Sue Storm (played by Kate Mara.)

"I'm pretty sure there's white people here with [brothers and sisters of] other ethnicities," Jordan replied, in an obvious attempt to politely dodge the question.

But when his host wouldn't let it go, with Kimmel actually asking if the racial makeup of the Storm family was some sort of contractual secret (*facepalm*), Jordan's answers got a bit more pointed.

"It's the world that we live in. It's self-explanatory, and I don't like drawing attention to the ignorance sometimes," he said.

In other words: Dude. Drop it. Unfortunately, it took Jimmy Kimmel a few seconds more to get the message.

"People are going to ask this question," he said, prompting a grimace from Jordan and an awkward pause before the actor replied, "You know, there's a thing called adoption," at which point the conversation gratefully turned to other topics.

To sum up, Michael B. Jordan gets all the respect for his polite deflection game. And hopefully, future interviewers won't make the same mistake -- which they shouldn't, really, because despite Kimmel's insistence that this is a topic on everybody's mind, we're guessing that the "Fantastic Four" fanbase is focused on much more interesting mysteries than the various colors of the Storm family's epidermi.