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Ansel Elgort Flawlessly Explains Why He Supports The LGBT Community

His response is basically, 'BECAUSE OBVI.'

In an ideal world, asking someone why they support the LGBT community SHOULD elicit a response similar to this:


That’s not always the case, but thankfully it is when Ansel Elgort and Bryan Cranston are involved. The two actors were among the many celebs who stood up as LGBT allies at the premiere of the Broadway musical “Finding Neverland” in New York.

Elgort explained his stance in the best way possible, saying he supports the LGBT community “because I don’t see any reason why people shouldn’t be allowed to be who they want to be.”

That basically sums it up right there, but the “The Fault in Our Stars” leading man continued, “I almost find that now if you’re not accepting, it’s a big problem…I really hope in my heart that the world can accept, like truly and deeply from the core, so there can be a true change in the way the world is. I mean, everyone’s allowed to have their own opinion, but there really shouldn’t be people who don’t accept everyone. I think that’s really stupid.”

This isn’t the first time Ansel has stuck up for the LGBT community. Last year he shot down rumors that he’s gay by tweeting, “Just in case it isn’t clear… I like girls. A lot.” He then added, “Also let me say if I was gay I wouldn’t hide it. Being gay or straight isn’t bad or good it just IS. U are who you are. Be true to yourself.”

Cranston followed suit by explaining why he’s equally as baffled about the lack of universal support for gay rights.

"I don't understand why every person shouldn't have the rights of any other person," the “Breaking Bad” actor said. ”All the way down the line, I've been a big supporter of gay rights forever, and I think it's absurd that there's still an issue about marriage…Let’s end this silliness, accept everyone for who they and what they are, and embrace that and move on.”

Let’s give these two a round of applause for giving us our daily dose of inspiration and a reminder that acceptance is something to strive for.