Danity Kane Duo Dumblonde's EP Is Coming SO Soon: Here's What We Know

You have questions. We have answers.

By James Dinh

You have to admit it: Aubrey O'Day and Shannon Bex -- two-fifths of the now-defunct Danity Kane -- otherwise known as the newly formed Dumblonde duo, have one heck of a hustle.

After experiencing some major career setbacks -- including their recent breakup after a physical fight with former band member Dawn -- the former DK dolls are now on the verge of dropping one huge project that will surely make up for all the tears I shed during last year's DK3 fiasco.

So what can you expect if you trade in your DK membership card and join the Blonde Mafia? Well, we've rounded up all the juicy details from their social media and a recent listening party to answer your burning questions.

First and foremost, what's up with the music?

O'Bex (as I occasionally like to call them) have actually completed an alternative/dance EP with the help of a couple of notable collaborators. First, there’s singer/songwriter Candice Pillay, who co-wrote Rihanna’s new patriotic tune "American Oxygen." Then there's producer R8DIO, who has worked with folks like, you know, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown and Missy Elliot. No big deal or anything.

Some lucky fans even got to listen to the entire freakin’ thing while sipping on champagne with the girls during a recent listening session in Los Angeles.

I'm not even a teeny-weeny bit jealous. I promise.

Will there be any videos?

Yup, and plenty of them. Aubrey and Shannon have been working for months on several videos -- six to be exact. All you have to do is look at their Instagram accounts to get all the feels. We're talking about legs for days, oversized fur coats, evening pool scenes without the fur coats (and likely no tops), matching ensembles that totally remind us of that dancing twin emoji, and, of course, those insane gray wigs. Can I get a yassss?

But do the girls have a manager on board?

They sure do. His name might even ring a bell because he previously managed Danity Kane. I mean, who doesn't love a reunion? Johnny Wright has hopped on to help the girls launch their new brand, and that very thought just makes me want to watch "Making the Band 3" re-runs all day long.

Wait ... Does that mean Laurieann 'Boom Kack' Gibson is in the reunion, too?

Nope. But her former assistant choreographer-turned-Lady Gaga's-choreographer-and-visual-director Richy Jackson is indeed werking with the girls.

So, like, when is all of this happening? When is Dumblonde releasing their EP?

Aubrey and Shannon told us on the iHeart Radio Music Awards red carpet that the project would be released in April, and in between all that fabulous champagne-sipping at the listening sesh, they said that the EP will drop when you least expect it ... without any notice. So, if my calculations are correct, that leaves just about 13 days...

Bring it on, ladies.