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Rita Ora Has An Important Message Madonna Haters Need To Hear

Fight ageism? #ThatsWhatLegendsDo

Madonna has been everywhere lately, from kissing Drake to collaborating with Taylor Swift, but through all of these cool moments, the legendary 56-year-old singer has also faced criticism regarding her age. That's why Rita Ora decided to thank the iconic Rebel Heart singer for fighting a very important battle.

"Thank you for fighting all these ageist battles, and paving a way, that just maybe one day, all of us 'younger' artists won't have [to] in the future," Ora said in a message directed at Madonna on Instagram.

The Monday (Apr. 14) post was also accompanied by two hashtags: "#if-ckinlovethisbitch #thatswhatlegendsdo."

Ora's message came just a day after Madge kissed Drizzy. While some celebrated the move as a cool Coachella moment, others criticized the star, claiming she was "too old" to kiss 28-year-old Drake.

Soon after posting pictures of her now famous Drizzy kiss, Madonna also provided messages for haters, including this one about being a threat and a target.

Go on, Madonna. Let the haters have it.

Despite whatever shade is being thrown at Madge, it's still pretty clear to us that she's cooler than most... for several reasons.