Jesse Meeks/YouTube

This Couple Remixed 'The Fresh Prince' Rap For Their Adorable Pregnancy Announcement

We're thinking even Will Smith would be proud.

Everyone loves a good pregnancy announcement, but how many couples are willing to deliver the news in a rap song?

Jesse Meeks and his wife Melissa, an Oregon couple, dared to take that route with their own version of Will Smith’s theme song for “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and the results were as adorable as you’d expect.

“I woke up in the morning at about 7 or 8,” the mom-to-be raps in the video that was posted April 5. “And I thought to myself, ‘Oh, man. I’m late/ Looked at my test stick, it was finally there / The little plus sign, we’re now three, not a pair.”

Not a bad remix of the DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince classic, which you can hear below.

The couple didn't anticipate the huge reaction to their vid, which was filmed on an iPhone taped to their dashboard, according to BuzzFeed. They told Oregon Live that they "love to do that kind of stuff," adding that they're just "goofy" and "fun." Can't disagree there.

We’ve gotta think the family was excited to hear this rhyme. In February, we saw a Texas family go completely bonkers over a pregnancy announcement in an equally crazy viral video.

And who can forget how the entire world pretty much went crazy in love for Beyonce and Jay Z’s pregnancy announcement? They basically took over the MTV VMAs with the news in 2011.

Congrats, Meeks. We're looking forward to a new rap for every milestone your baby reaches.