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9 Times Women Stole The Show At The 2015 Movie Awards

Who run the world?

Amy Schumer is all about breaking gender boundaries in comedy, so we were expecting her time hosting the 2015 MTV Movie Awards to be full of moments that inspired the women in the audience -- or, at the very least, the kinds of women who are really inspired by gross humor. Which, let's face it, many of us are. No shame, ladies.

Good thing that, when it comes to the ladies, this year's Awards didn't disaapoint! There were plenty of great sketches, interactions, and clips that made us feel some serious girl power -- yes, even amidst all the dirty jokes. Actually, BECAUSE of the dirty jokes, sometimes.

  1. Amy seeks the advice of our favorite female characters

    You haven't lived until you've seen Amy hang out with Hazel Grace, Effie Trinket, Chelsea Peretti in a blond wig pretending to be that lady from "Divergent", and the Barden Bellas. Sure, she was pretty crass and most of them kinda wanted her to go away, but that's what makes it funny, right?

  2. Kevin Hart's daughter got all the attention

    How is Amy Schumer supposed to focus on poking fun at the Comedic Genius Award winner when his children are so adorably disinterested?

  3. The men of "Magic Mike XXL" acknowledge our rise to power
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    Matt Bomer, Adam Rodriguez, Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello know what's up: It's OUR time now. "Women are taking over," Tatum told the crowd. "Don’t bother running. It’s a join or die sort of thing, so just get in."

  4. Amy, Nikki, Amber and Rachel explore their sexual urges at the movies

    Considering the amount of dick jokes we've had to endure -- not knocking those, by the way, dick jokes can be hilarious -- it's about time that the vagina-wielding half of the population got the chance to gross everyone out, too. Make those masturbation jokes, ladies! We salute you.

  5. Shailene Woodley accepts the Trailblazer Award

    In her acceptance speech, Shailene evoked the words of the very first Trailblazer Awrad winner Emma Stone, and urged all of us to "blaze on" and become pillars of our own smaller communities.

  6. The cast of "Pitch Perfect 2" makes a scene

    And we learned from Rebel Wilson that "Girl Power" can also be a wonderfully descriptive term of a part of the female anatomy -- which she may or may not have flashed at the president accidentally. Whoops!

  7. The Actual "Pitch Perfect 2" clip itself

    It's a good thing albums are available for digital downloads because if we had to buy a CD for this upcoming soundtrack then we would ABSOLUTELY wear it out.

  8. Amy Schumer soars like an actual superhero

    Most of the Avengers can't even fly, so she's doing way better in comparison.

  9. Charlie XCX gave a knock-out performance

    Of course, it was great to see her drop kitties with Ty Dolla $ign and Tinashe, but before that, she took the stage with an all-female band, wearing Josie and the Pussycats style tiger stripes.