Say Hello To The 15 Most Amazing Selfies From The Movie Awards Red Carpet


Now that everyone in the world has a camera in their pockets at all times, red carpet selfies are all the rage. Admit it, if you got the chance to attend the 2015 MTV Movie Awards and stand just inches away from all the coolest celebrities, you'd totally try to get all of them to take a picture with you.

Thankfully, some celebs are more than happy to comply -- and even get a little goofy sometimes. Here are some of our favorite pics from tonight:

  1. Ty Dollar $ign
    Getty Images

    Presumably he took this picture in between dropping kitties.

  2. Cara Delevigne
    Getty Images

    Cara's the sort of person who likes to take control of the selfie-taking, and boy do we love her for it.

  3. Machine Gun Kelly
    Getty Images

    Selfie tip: when in doubt, stare wistfully off into the distance. You'll always look fierce.

  4. Brittany Snow
    Getty Images

    OR, you can rock an awkward face like our girl Snow here. No one can accuse you of looking weird if you're doing it on purpose!

  5. Miles Teller
    Getty Images

    Another celeb who's not afraid to grab the phone away from his fans! Good thing

  6. Amber Rose and IISuperwomanII

    "Hard to look good next to @amberrose doe!" she writes. Don't sell yourself short, Lilly! You're looking pretty fly yourself there.

  7. Tyler Posey
    Getty Images

    Do you think Tyler has ever taken a serious photo in his life? Probably not.

  8. Mark Ruffalo and daughter Bella

    Look at their matching ties!!! So. CUTE.

  9. Laura Marano

    The Pufferfish look is always a classic.

  10. Rebel Wilson

    Not only does Rebel take the camera but she holds it as high as she possibly can for maximum selfie surface area.

  11. Pete Wentz
    Getty Images

    BRB, my inner fourteen year old is freaking out right now.

  12. Hailee Steinfeld
    Getty Images
    Another selfie tip: peace signs are always cool. Use them [/item]
  13. More Amber Rose and Priscilla Ono

    Awww, besties!

  14. Jennifer Lopez


  15. Tyler Posey AGAIN, Plus Arden Cho and Dylan Spayberry

    Tyler, that is NOT how seats work.