'The Flash' Might Be Directed By 'The Lego Movie' Guys, And Everything Is... Well, You Know

Think of the cameos!

Unlike its titular hero, pre-production on "The Flash" is moving forward very, very slowly. As in, Ezra Miller doesn't even need to start stretching yet, let alone jogging, let alone running, in preparation for his role as the fastest man alive. (Which is why he's probably still lounging in a chaise and eating tilapia somewhere.)

But one major development is, at last, in the works: According to Deadline, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, a.k.a. the brilliant writing/directing team behind "The LEGO Movie," are tackling the script. And with nobody at the helm of "The Flash" yet, the field is wide open for the pair to hop on as directors, too.

We'll have to wait and see whether Lord and Miller choose to make "The Flash" their next directing project. But here's why we'll be ready to bust out in a chorus of "Everything Is Awesome" if they decide to go for it.

  • "The Flash" and "funny" just go together.

    Although the new slate of Justice League movies seemed to be erring on the dark side thus far (see: Superman viciously breaking Zod's neck, and then screaming with emotional anguish in "Man of Steel"), the involvement of Lord and Miller, who wrote and directed not only "The LEGO Movie" but the 21 Jump Street reboot, says that "The Flash" will definitely be playing for laughs. Of course, any script by these guys will be funny no matter what, but having them on board as directors will ensure that all the jokes land as well onscreen as they do on the page.

  • The cameo possibilities are endless.

    Just think of how many major actors have worked with Lord and Miller before. Now, just think of how amazing it would be if and when one of those actors showed up for a surprise, small role in "The Flash"... or a big one. Channing Tatum as a villain? Elizabeth Banks and Will Arnett as sidekicks?! Come on. YES.

  • And the musical possibilities are, too.

    With Lord and Miller directing, there is absolutely no reason why "The Flash" couldn't be a musical. (Well, okay, there's maybe one reason: Ezra Miller's singing voice is much more Bob Dylan than Broadway.)

  • And let's not forget: They've worked with superheroes before.

    After dealing with a diva like Batman, these guys are absolutely qualified to keep "The Flash" in line with a minimum of shenanigans.