Anne Hathaway On A Wrecking Ball Was The Second-Greatest Thing About Last Night's Lip Sync Battle

She never meant to start a war, but she sure AF finished it.

Ever since sneak peek footage of Anne Hathaway swaying, swinging, and faux-singing on a giant wrecking ball hit the internet this week, we knew that her battle for lip-sync supremacy against Emily Blunt was going to be epic.

And yet, we were still not prepared for the actual event, which was better than anything we had ever imagined by a factor of about 10,000.

Try not to weep openly with awe and joy as you watch the video of the final round of competition below. (You'll fail, miserably, but try anyway. Just for funzies.)

If you couldn't quite see the whole thing through your tears of ecstasy, the highlights of the battle included:

  • When Emily Blunt entered in full-on Janis Joplin regalia.
  • When she got cozy with the crowd, handing out flowers to a few lucky audience members. (The GIF below cuts off just before the flower recipient completely lost his mind over what just happened.)
  • When Emily used a giant heart balloon to express her love and appreciation for everyone's enthusiastic applause, before handing off the stage to Anne Hathaway...
  • Who opened her performance with THIS. (Not pictured: The moments when Anne licked the sledgehammer, but trust us, there were several.)
  • This is when it became clear that the competition was getting personal.
  • And this is when it was a foregone conclusion that Anne was going to take home the victory. Which she did. Congratulations, Anne.