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Kanye West And Common Could Be Starring In The Next Spike Lee Joint

Plus, Samuel L. Jackson and Jeremy Piven.

Kanye West might have to look to Common for some acting tips on set soon.

According to The Wrap, both Yeezy and Com, along with Samuel L. Jackson and Jeremy Piven, are being "courted" for the upcoming Spike Lee film “Chiraq,” which was reportedly recently picked up by Amazon Studios. Though there isn't yet any info on the plot, given the title of the movie -- and that both the rappers are Chicago natives -- it sounds like it could be a match. Piven, too, grew up near Chicago.

'Ye recently appeared in "Anchorman 2," and is reportedly filming the sequel to "Zoolander." Common, meanwhile, has appeared in movies like "American Gangster," "Selma" and "Run All Night."

It's too early to know what kind of roles these two will have in "Chiraq" (and, for that matter, if they'll even be in it), but hopefully it ends up being more than a cameo. I'd sure like to see Kanye West the character actor.