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This Guy Has Raised Over $21,000 To Build A Giant Nicolas Cage Mosaic

The masterpiece would break a Guinness World record.

From the dude who raised over $50K for potato salad to the boyfriend who wanted to crash his girl's spring break, crowdfunding websites are collecting cash for the most bizarre requests. The latest in this trend might be the most awesome -- or the most disturbing, I guess, depends how you see it -- yet.

Graphic designer Thom Malone, 25, wants Kickstarter -- aka YOU -- to help him create a 23,2996-square-foot photo mosaic of Nicolas Cage comprised of no fewer than 180,000 unique photographs.

The current Guinness World record for the largest photo mosaic, held by eyeglass lens company Transitions Optical, contains a wimpy 176,000 pics for comparison. If Malone reaches his crowdfunding goal of $52K, the resulting Nic Cage immortalization would break this record.

"If aliens were to ever come to earth, they would need to know who our ambassador is," the project's Kickstarter page explains. "How best to show aliens that we want peace, but also not to mess with us than with a giant mosaic made up of a million faces to create one giant Nicolas Cage face?"

You can't argue with that logic. As much as this sounds like a very late April Fool's prank, it's apparently the real deal. The idea initially started out as an inside joke among Malone and his friends, but now it's morphed into something much bigger than that. Over $21K has already been raised for the cause, if you can call it that.

Backers can email their photos to Malone for inclusion in the mosaic, which will be unveiled Labor Day Weekend in his hometown of Windsor, Ontario. Those who pledge money get some pretty sweet Cage-themed gear, like the "Necklace Cage" below, to show off their support and undying love for the actor.

And nope, this isn't some extremely elaborate ploy to mock Cage online in yet another way. Malone insists that he's a true fan, not an internet troll.

"I've always been enamored by Nicolas Cage. I'm always coming to his defense," Malone told CBC News on Wednesday (April 8). "Everybody says he's a bad actor, but I think he's in on the joke. He's acting over the top on purpose ... He's in on the joke of Nicolas Cage. And he really can act when he wants to. He's had some great performances."

If this moves you, you can make Malone's Nicolas Cage-related dreams come true over at the project's Kickstarter.