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Girls To the Front: Today Is The Most Feminist Day Of The Year

Celebrate Riot Grrrl Day with some tunes, naturally.

Riot Grrrls rejoice: Along with Groundhogs, candy and America, you now have your own day. At least in Boston.

Yup, Boston has officially dubbed Apr. 9 Riot Grrrl Day -- in part due to Kathleen Hanna’s performance and discussion tonight at Boston's Wilbur Theatre.

For those who have never heard of Kathleen Hanna and are therefore dead inside, she was a forerunner in the Riot Grrrl movement -- a feminist, hardcore wave of music and culture that took root in the early '90s. Hanna has remained active in the scene since then, heading up bands like Bikini Kill, Le Tigre and, currently, the Julie Ruin. She's also basically Miley Cyrus' idol -- so there's that.

"I'm a supporter of the arts across the spectrum, believing in the impact that creativity can have on a life, and on a community," Mayor Martin J. Walsh told MTV News of the decision to dedicate today to bad-ass women. "Riot grrrl day... seeks to commemorate, celebrate and actively promote the cultural significance of riot grrrl culture, and to inspire grrrls everywhere to shake up the status quo and create."

The idea to launch Riot Grrrl Day was spearheaded by Boston's Chief of Policy, Joyce Lineham, who used to promote punk shows and work at Sub Pop.

Walsh wrote and signed a proclamation laying out the reasons for the holiday, including: "A $10 Bikini Kill record isn't worth $7.70, and a woman today shouldn't make 23% less than a man." Amen to that, dude.

Although the day will not be an annual event, according to Walsh, he encourages everyone to celebrate in the following manner: "Let your voice be heard -- speak up and speak out, live boldly, stand up for what you believe in and create."

We'd like to add: Maybe also listen to some awesome jams? Check out our playlist below -- which includes Riot Grrrl icons and modern adherents alike (hello, Charli!).