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Kelly Osbourne Will Host The 2015 Movie Awards Red Carpet Pre-Show

Alongside Jessie J, Josh Horowitz, and Christina Garibaldi.

For her first gig since leaving E!'s Fashion Police, Kelly Osbourne is coming back to MTV. Kelly will co-host the Movie Awards red carpet this Sunday, along with Jessie J, Josh Horowitz, and Christina Garibaldi.

While Kelly, of course, entered our lives with The Osbournes, she also has history with the Movie Awards—she hosted the pre-show and performed during the main show in 2002.

While things have changed for Kelly since her performance—her hair color, for one—we're all hoping she'll wear a "Suck This" jacket this weekend, right? Think of the ~memories~, Kelly!

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Kelly opened up to People about her new gig, saying, "I want to make people feel good, and I want to have fun. I don't want to feel like I've hurt people's feelings or I've done something wrong. I just want to make this amazing." We cannot wait.

While we bide our time until Kelly is on our TV screens once again, she will be taking over MTV's Twitter account today at 3 PM PST, so don't miss her!