'Fantastic Four' Debuts The First Look At The Thing

Here's the Thing.

When the first "Fantastic Four" trailer dropped a few months ago, it offered only the slightest look at New York-born brawler Ben Grimm's transformation into the clobbering Thing.

It left fans wondering if Fox would keep their new take on the Thing as much of a secret as possible until the film's late summer release — but a newly released photo is here now courtesy of Empire, several months before "Fantastic Four" hits theaters, and the big guy looks more or less exactly like you would expect:


Can you spot Jamie Bell in there? Yeah, neither can we. And that's good! The Thing looks definitively Thing-ish in this first "Fantastic Four" photo, if perhaps a bit rougher and angrier than previous incarnations. But that's in line with the darker, grittier aesthetic director Josh Trank seems to be aiming for in his take on "Fantastic Four," evidenced by another new photo featuring…


…Reed Richards, sprawled out and strapped to a table, elongated limbs stretched beyond normal human limits, surrounded by people wearing HAZMAT suits. Not exactly the bright and bubbly days of Tim Story's two "Fantastic Four" movies, is it?

Trank's freaky-looking "Fantastic Four" hits theaters on August 7.