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Rose Byrne's 8 Sickest Burns

She's laughing at you, not with you.

As we've all learned from her star-making turns in "Bridesmaids," "Neighbors," "Get Him to the Greek" and more, Rose Byrne knows how to dole out some sick-ass burns. So sick, in fact, that they once drove Kristen Wiig to madness, broke Russell Brand's heart, and even broke up Zac Efron's iron-clad relationship with his girlfriend. I mean, that's a sure sign of a great Byrne-Burn.

Check out some of our favorites below:

  1. The poor people Byrne-Burn.

    Sick burn, Byrne!

  2. The "I'm stealing your girlfriend" Byrne-Burn.

    Good one, Byrne!

  3. The angry mama Byrne-Burn

    Protect those kids, Byrne.

  4. The insulting your car Byrne-Burn.

    A subtle yet effective Byrne.

  5. The "you're boring me, get me more alcohol" Byrne-Burn.

    Use them servants, Byrne.

  6. The passive aggressively insulting your BFF Byrne-Burn.

    Maya Rudolph is spoken for, Byrne.

  7. The "I don't care what you think about me" Byrne-Burn.

    Let it roll off those shoulders, Byrne.

  8. The fashionable Byrne-Burn.

    Melissa McCarthy finds out the hard way in this exclusive clip from "Spy" that one is never truly safe from a Byrne-Burn.