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We're Not Sure Where To Get Cam'ron's Killa Crunch Cereal, But We Need Some

Perfect for the most important meal of the day.

UPDATE (4/9/15, 4:00 p.m. ET): It turns out Killa Crunch is not actually cereal, but rather a campaign between Cam'ron and Virgin Mega, where boxes will be on bodega shelves across New York City between Apr. 10 and Apr. 12, at spots revealed on Virgin Mega's Twitter. Each box contains an exclusive t-shirt, and some include other prizes, too. Starting Apr. 13, they'll be sold through the Virgin Mega app.

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Cam'ron has sold a lot of weird yet awesome stuff, from his ebola masks to his emojis. And it looks like cereal could be next in line.

Or, at least, we really hope so.

Last week, a box of Killa Crunch popped up on the Instagram of Eddie Huang, a chef whose memoir is the basis for ABC's "Fresh Off The Boat." The box warns of "some material too killa for human consumption." I can only imagine.

The next day, Cam reposted the pic, promising to deliver some "more info Monday." Also, let's not overlook the Cam'borghini collectible inside, according to the box.

But Monday passed, and we didn't get any more info. All we got was more jealousy, when Cam reposted a picture of Jeff Rosenthal, from ItsTheReal, holding the a box of Killa Crunch at "some random bodega."

Where can we get Killa Crunch? What do they taste like? Sugary? Sweet? Fruity? Are they pink? Are they lots of mini Cam'ron faces and catchphrases?

We're waiting on you, Killa. The milk's already in the fridge.