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Why Is It Taking Forever For Bieber, Britney, Austin And More To Release New Albums?

The wait is almost over for Rihanna but these pop stars have us playing the waiting game.

There was a time when you could expect a new album from Rihanna like clockwork, every fall. Now, though wait is almost over, by the time she drops her LP, it will be nearly three calendar seasons since we got a collection of fresh tracks from the badgal.

And she's not alone in taking her time. From Justin’s long pause on the charts during a spree of non-musical legal tangles to Adele’s first-time mom timeout, Miley’s endless Bangerz Tour to Britney’s $50 million Las Vegas residency, some of the biggest pop stars have had different reasons for making their fans wait.

So how long has it been exactly -- and what clues do we have so far? Read on to find out.

  • He's roasted and obviously rested, but why hasn't JB released a proper album since 2012's Believe?

    What do we know?: Justin has definitely been logging serious time in the studio recording -- and re-recording -- tons of tracks, but his extra-curricular activities definitely seemed to get him off course for a while. We know some of the new tracks are inspired by his ex, Selena Gomez, some feature a chill mood and others could have a hand from Kanye West, Rick Rubin, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Diplo.

    How many days has it been?: 1,028

    Release date: TBD.

  • Iggy Azalea has been talking about her collabo with Brit on "Pretty Girls" (reportedly due May 5) and said Spears' "man-hating" album is right around the corner, but we haven't gotten a confirmed release date yet on her follow-up to 2013's Britney Jean. One explanation is that Brit has been busy in Vegas, where she's booked through 2017.

    What do we know?: Aside from the Azalea track, not much, though Brit did post this "pretty girls" tease on Wednesday.

    How many days has it been?: 498

    Release date: TBD

  • We get that being a first-time mom is a ton of work and finding space for all those Grammys is tough, but the wait for Adele's follow-up to her smash 2011 album 21 is taking forever.

    What do we know?: Pretty much nothing.

    How many days has it been?: 1,543

    Release date: None as of now.

  • Two EPs, 8 singles and ... so far no album. Austin has been in our lives for more than four years now, but he still has not released a full-length album to follow up last summer's The Secret EP. And the teasers he's given so far are a bit ... fishy. Mahomies have been patient, but so far we're not sure why it's taking so long for Austin to gather enough material for his proper debut.

    What do we know?: In September, he told Billboard that his debut would come out in early 2015 and that it would feature songs produced by studio wizard Max Martin and hop from pop to EDM to R&B.

    How many days has it been?: 319 since Secret, 675 since his Japan-only Extended Play EP.

    Release date: TBD.

  • When you basically become a global superstar before age 18 it might be hard to figure out what to do next. The good news is that Lorde revealed in February that she's finally in the studio working on the follow-up to her 2013 smash debut, Pure Heroine. They say you have your whole life to write your first album/book, so we get that Lorde wants to take her time getting the second one just right.

    What do we know?: "We haven’t got some planned out ‘this is what it’s going to sound like’… I think we’re just going to start writing and when it starts to feel right, we’ll know that it’s right. It’s pretty simple really," she said. But that's about all we know.

    How many days has it been?: 560

    Release date: TBD.

  • Miley pretty much blew up her image and took her fame up 1,000 notches (if that was even possible) with 2013's Bangerz. But since her endless tour in support of that album... crickets. Maybe she's trying to figure out a whole new sound that will take her in yet another direction, or maybe she's just enjoying some down time before the whole circus has to start up again. Either way, Miley seems to be in no hurry.

    What do we know?: She got a sonic makeover thanks to Mike Will Made It last time and she appears to have logged tons of hours in the studio with her pals in the Flaming Lips lately, but Miley seems to be keeping things quiet when it comes to details about when she might release new music.

    How many days has it been?: 553

    Release date: TBD.

  • What do you do when your debut makes you the biggest unsigned artist in the universe thanks to hits like "Thrift Shop" and "Can't Hold Us?" Well, you tour like crazy, make a huge statement on marriage equality, film super-elaborate music videos, get married and hang out with your favorite football team. Given that they are their own bosses, Mack and Lewis can take as much time as they want to get things just right, which is what they appear to be doing.

    What do we know?: Nada, though when a fan complained in January that we haven't gotten any new music in forever, Mack wrote, "You will this year. Believe that."

    How many days has it been?: 913

    Release date: No idea.