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17 Things We Learned From Wale's Larry King Interview

Folarin had a lot to say.

After releasing his critically acclaimed Album About Nothing, Wale spoke to Larry King about, well, a little bit of everything.

The MC, who recently opened up to MTV News about losing his child and dealing with anxiety, spoke to King about why rap is ready for a gay MC, why he isn't into politics and why he wants to work with Vince McMahon.

Here are some more interesting things we learned from watching Wale's interview with King.

  1. Wale Wasn't A Huge Fan Of The 'Seinfeld' Finale

    "People talk about the series finale a little bit. I have to admit I wasn’t excited about it, but the episode of [‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’] made it a little better. It softened the blow a little bit. That “Seinfeld” mash-up episode was classic."

  2. Recording With Chris Brown And Tyga Is Just Like You Imagined

    "When we was in studio together, it was exactly how you would imagine a Chris Brown and Tyga session. A lot of girls everywhere. It was easy to rap around that. The testosterone was an an all time high in that joint."

  3. Wale Has Been A Ghostwriter
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    "I've written for other people but I've never had anybody write for me."

  4. He's Down To Work With Judd Apatow
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    "If I did [act], I could see myself doing a Judd Apatow comedy or [something] with Larry David."

  5. Wale Isn't Interested In Politics

    "I try to stay away. It’s such a strong monster where we from. I just never wanted to go on that side."

  6. He Believes Hip-Hop Is Ready For An Openly Gay MC

    "2015 is another world compared to ’95. Everything is different. We got a black president. I would think there would be a gay rapper before we had a black president. It’s socially accepted. People see people. It’s like taboo to speak bad on the gay community now. It used to be taboo to be a part of the gay community. Now it's taboo to speak bad on the gay community."

  7. Wale's Treated Like Royalty In Nigeria
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    "The love I get in Nigeria is immense. They treat me like royalty…It’s always love when I’m out there."

  8. He Really Believes In The Washington Wizards

    "We’re pacing ourselves. We’re gonna have to put together a run in the playoffs. I like to think we’re playing possum."

  9. His Friendship With Kevin Durant Is Strong
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    "We from the same place and both got famous early, young. It was almost like a fraternity almost…We’ve been cool since he first got to Texas and I’m just proud of him and his growth. I think when it’s all said and done, he’s gonna be the NBA’s all-time leading scorer."

  10. Wale Believes Music Is 'In A Weird Place'
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    "Music is in a weird place right now because you got the streaming, iTunes, Spotify and now Jay Z has Tidal…We’re not gonna know the significance of the place we’re in right now for like the next 10 years when we look back on it."

  11. He Wants To Be One Of The Best
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    "I’m trying to be great. I’m trying to be one of the best in my sport."

  12. Wale Says Music Isn't As Lucrative As It Once Was
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    "I think a lot of the ways of the music industry are old fashioned. They don’t know any better. There was such a boom. The music business was so lucrative at one point and now it’s not as lucrative. They don’t know how to gauge popularity of artists."

  13. He's Not Out To Make A Quick Buck
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    "Some people use music as a quick buck. I actually enjoy the art."

  14. His First Kiss Is Now A Famous Singer
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    "Kelela. It was somewhere in Maryland. She’s a famous singer now, actually. Small world. Crazy story. Don’t wanna go there. I bumped into her in a studio. I was like, ‘What are you doing here?’ I Googled her and I was like ‘Oh crap.’ I was like 7 or something."

    Could this be the same Kelela?

  15. He Really Wants To Get Into The Wrestling Business
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    "I want to get into the wrestling business. I want to intern for

    Vince McMahon."

  16. He Believes Rick Ross Is Responsible For His Success
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    "Rick Ross is probably the smartest person I know in the music business. He’s the person who believed in me. If not for Rick Ross, there wouldn’t be none of this."

    But he also thinks Rozay might be working too much.

    "He works so much," Wale added. "It’s scary. He’s never not working. You want him to slow down…But he’s always working ‘round the clock."

  17. A Wild Fan Encounter Changed Him Forever

    "A girl brought her toy and just put it right there and was like, 'Can you sign this?' I haven't been the same since."