These Are The 'Jurassic World' Cameos We Desperately Need

Dodgson. DODGSON! We need Dodgson here!

When the gates (and jaws) of "Jurassic World" open wide this summer, we know we'll be getting an eyeful of a new, exciting hybrid dinosaur, and leading man Chris Pratt sporting his finest khakis.

But thanks to an easter egg released (appropriately) on Sunday (April 5), fans are also speculating that we might get a glimpse of a favorite character from "Jurassic Park": The leather pants-wearing, lady-killing mathematician Ian Malcolm, played with perfect smarm in the 1994 film by Jeff Goldblum.

A QR code hidden in the above promo poster for the film led savvy dino-hunters to another photo, of a book by Malcolm titled "God Creates Dinosaurs," which he would have written after his narrow escape from being eaten by a T-Rex in "Jurassic Park."

So, does this mean that Jeff Goldblum and his flirty mumbling will be back with a vengeance in "Jurassic World"?

...Yeah, okay, probably not, although we will be watching very closely for evidence of Goldblumminess in the first clip from "Jurassic World," which debuts exclusively on MTV on Wednesday April 8 at 11pm ET.

And while we're at it, we'll also be on the lookout for five more cameo appearances by these characters from the first film, the fan favorites who've gotta come back for more dinosaur action.

  1. Joseph Mazzello as Tim Murphy

    Being nearly eaten by dinosaurs approximately 5,000 times in "Jurassic Park" failed to dim young Tim's enthusiasm for all things prehistoric, which is why he should totally be back as an adult to visit "Jurassic World."

  2. B.D. Wong as Henry Wu

    The best thing about this must-have cameo is that we already know it's happening, although there is no word yet on whether Wong's wild hairstyle from the first "Jurassic Park" film will be returning, too.

  3. The dilophosaurus

    Although the velociraptors and the T-Rex were the HBOCs of "Jurassic Park," this little dinosaur with the great big neck wings and the poisonous spit stole the whole movie in his one, brief, memorable scene. Here's hoping he come back to spit on something else in "Jurassic World."

  4. Robert Peck as Robert Muldoon

    The man who uttered the most iconic line in "Jurassic Park" was theoretically killed immediately thereafter by velociraptors -- but if Hollywood has taught us one thing, it's that no character is definitely dead until you've seen the body, which means that Muldoon could totally still be out in the woods on Isla Nubar, playing house with a bunch of dipolodocus. The only problem: While Muldoon himself could still be alive, the actor who played him isn't anymore, which makes things tricky.

  5. Dodgson!

    Nobody cared when we had Dodgson here, but that's just because you never know what you've got 'til it's gone. Now that Dodgson is not here, we care very much about Dodgson! Bring back Dodsgon! We miss you, Dodgson!