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Carly Rae Jepsen Is Back With The Junior High Slow Song You've Always Wanted

Carly goes full '80s slow jam on her new single, "All That."

The Carly Rae Jepsen comeback is in full swing!

After another swing at "Song of Summer" status with the infectiously repetitive "I Really Like You," Carly is back with "All That." Produced by Ariel Rechtstaid and co-written by Dev Hynes (the man with an ear of gold for indie darlings like Solange and Sky Ferreira), "All That" is an '80s throwback of a jam. Can't you just imagine listening to this during a slowdown at a school jam?

This new direction shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. Her last album, This Kiss, was full of timeless pop jams. After witnessing Cyndi Lauper in concert in Japan, Carly told us that she wanted to create an album full of her version of classic '80s hits. “I was listening to the songs and something kind of hit me just like this is when pop was at its finest,” Carly said

The new downtempo jam is a notable departure from Carly's signature upbeat and bubbly pop tracks. And unlike uber-single "Call Me Maybe," this latest track features lyrics that are more upfront about Carly's wishes. "Show me if you want me, if I'm all that. I will we there, I will be your friend." There's no indecisiveness here!

Carly first debuted the track last night during a captivating and sweet performance as the musical guest on "Saturday Night Live." The studio version – which is even dreamier and features shimmery synths, a sleek bass line, and Carly's soft vocals – is now available to stream on YouTube. Listen to the full track below.