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Justin Bieber Wears A Wig And Lots Of Eyeliner To Channel Ozzy Osbourne For 'Lip Sync Battle'

Who knew Justin had such a dark side?

Beliebers, I can promise you, you've never seen Justin Bieber like this.

Spike TV just released a clip of Justin performing on their brand-new show "Lip Sync Battle," and the singer proves that he is in it to win it. The Biebs channels Ozzy Osbourne by performing "Crazy Train," complete with black shoulder-length wig, a leather trench coat and heavy, heavy eyeliner. It's frightening, but also kind of spot-on.

But Justin didn't just look the part, he also acted it to, bugging out his eyes and looking all sorts of crazy. Who knew he had such a dark side?

The show, which is hosted by LL Cool J, with color commentator Chrissy Teigen, premiered on Thursday night with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson taking on Jimmy Fallon. The Rock decided to "Shake It Off," performing the Taylor Swift hit, while the "Late Night" talk show host opted for Madonna's classic "Like a Prayer." Both were equally impressive, but my vote has to go to the Rock, since I never thought I'd see the star shake it like that.

Right after those two had their showdown, Common and John Legend went head-to-head, and they did not disappoint. Common got his Lionel Richie on with "All Night Long" while John went full on MC Hammer, pants and all, with his rendition of "Can't Touch This," but his moves were no match for Common, who took home the win over his "Glory" collaborator.