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MGK Calls For 'A Little More' Love On His New Single: Listen

His new album is on the way.

For years, MGK has built an intense and passionate fanbase on the foundation of honest, emotional rap ballads that serve as anthems for those feeling like underdogs and outsiders.

As he gears up for his sophomore album, with his latest single, "A Little More," which hit iTunes and the 'net early Tuesday morning (Mar. 31), Kells is back at it.

Before we get to the full thing, though, the proper introduction to the song comes in the form of an incredibly cute snippet of Kells' daughter, Casie, singing the chorus to the track.

The only thing better than that would be that same video, but longer.

The single, which features Victoria Monet, finds the Cleveland rapper playing the role of inspirational leader and underdog. "All we need is a little more love," Monet pleads on the hook.

"This song and this album have been years in the making, im honored to begin sharing it with you," he wrote on Instagram.

"I wish that I could let the world know, that it's OK to let the pain show/ And even though times seem bad, it always rains before the rainbow," he raps on the first verse, over a pounding beat, produced by Tommy Brown, guided by dark piano keys.

No word on when the Bad Boy rapper's sophomore album will drop, but hopefully this means it's on the way soon.

Also, quick bonus footage: If you enjoyed Casie's appearance above, make sure to check out this clip from early 2012 of her singing her ABCs, with MGK looking like the happiest, proudest, most excited father in the world.