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These 7 Celebs Enjoyed Justin Bieber's Roast A Little Too Much

It's all fun and games until the Biebs starts crying.

When Justin Bieber gets the "ass-whooping" of his life during tonight's (March 30) Comedy Central roast, he's going to need a few good friends by his side. Friends that can pick him up when he's feeling low after being brutally teased, mocked and insulted. Friends that will give him a much-needed hug when Kevin Hart hurts his feelings. And you can guarantee that NONE of these celebs will make Bieber's shortlist after they laughed at his pain on national TV.

So who are these so-called "friends" who came out to support JB's public bashing? We've rounded a few of them up right here in these exclusive Twitter mirror shots from the Roast's red carpet, so take a long, hard look, Beliebers. They are the enemy. (JK, they're all still friends. Probably.)

  1. Jaden Smith
    Comedy Central

    What are the chances Jaden will live tweet the Bieber roast?

  2. Carly Rae Jepsen
    Comedy Central

    It's a good thing Bieber can always call on his good friend Carly Rae for emotional support. (Yep. We just went there.)

  3. Chris Paul
    Comedy Central

    Really, Chris? Even after Bieber (baby baby) babysat your son?

  4. Chris Paul and Jada Crawley
    Comedy Central

    You just can't trust anyone these days.

  5. Chrissy Teigen
    Comedy Central

    But will our girl Chrissy be able to inspire a meme as great as this one? We don't think so -- unless, of course, she laughs so hard at Bieber she actually starts to cry.

  6. Kate Walsh
    Comedy Central

    It's a good thing Bieber will have a (faux) doctor on hand to treat all of those burns.

  7. Ashley Benson
    Comedy Central

    AshBenzo has a pretty little secret: she's a diehard Belieber. Or, you know, she's just dating the Biebs' former #SWAG coach Ryan Good.

#BieberRoast premieres tonight on @ComedyCentral at 10/9c.