Watch These Skydivers Make The Greatest Jump In Slip 'N Slide History

This GoPro footage is way more extreme than anything Mom recorded in your backyard.

Anyone who has experienced a childhood summer knows that the Slip 'N Slide is a delicate art. Get too much speed, and you're liable to get poked off-mat with an errant twig or rock. Get too much air, and you land with a loud thwack and just careen down the hill like a lump of meat.

But skydivers from the Axis Flight School in Arizona recently took the Slip 'N Slide gambit to a new level by parachuting in on the wet blue tarp, putting all our summer memories to shame. They teamed up with GoPro to capture all the footage, and the resulting "Swoop 'N Slide" video shows them calibrating their descents perfectly onto the Slip mat, water spraying everywhere, giving you an idea of just how much velocity a parachuter can have upon landing:

And just to make sure all breathtaking footage angles were covered, drone cameras were also on hand to record the landings. As a bonus, be sure to watch the jump itself and don't just skip to the end, because the divers made a vertical daisy chain in midair, as each jumper sat on the parachute of the person below them.