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16 Things That Basic Bros Go No Chill Over On Instagram

Why are these guys so excited about everyday stuff?

I'm going to be honest. I didn't know what "no chill" meant until looking it up today. Side note: You know you're getting older when you spend more time on Urban Dictionary than Webster's Dictionary. After seeing "#nochill" pop up more and more over the last year, I was surprised to learn it's simply something you can't chill out over. Really, guys? You can't chill out over basic stuff? You're no chill about things we see every day. I mean, it's good you're so excited about life, but how does your heart handle it?

Here are the most common things I've noticed dudes getting worked up about on Instagram.**

  1. Pizza

    Sure it's great, but you've been eating it since you were kid.

  2. The weather

    Yes, believe it. Snow and rain happen.

  3. Sports

    We saw the game too. There's no need to take photos and videos of your TV playing sports.

  4. Their wife's pregnant belly

    Obviously, this post is making fun of it, but too many guys post really emotional photos with their wife's bulging belly.

  5. Using consistent rejection as motivation

    Listen, it's great to use obstacles, failures and rejection as motivation -- but you don't need to keep telling us about it. Also, if you keep trying the same thing and keep getting rejected, it might be time for a new course of action.

  6. Crying

    Some dudes just can't wait to show us how sad they are. It's like their minds are blown when they finally realize they have emotions.

  7. Beer

    If you're of legal drinking age, there is nothing wrong with having a few beers. However, we don't need 200 pics of that new microbrew and of your friends drinking too much of it.

  8. Coffee

    Caffeine rushes are like children: you love your own, but don't want to hear about other people's.

  9. Crappy food

    If this compels you to break your diet, you were doomed from the start.

  10. Phallic objects

    Yes, we get it, it looks like your d--k.

  11. Cars

    You don't need to pose next to your car, you're not a model for Fast Cars Magazine.

  12. Drunk fights

    It's the World Star phenomenon. Everyone wants to shoot video of a fight. The problem is that most fights aren't worth it. Although, this particular one above is pretty funny.

  13. Living for the weekend

    If you're this focused on your weekend, you're only living 2/7 of your life.

  14. Singing crappy originals on their acoustic guitar

    There's a reason people walk away from you at parties when you start singing.

  15. Girls who are paid to be there

    Some guys get so pumped up about cute beer girls, bartenders, strippers, etc. They are not their because they like you. They're there to pay the bills.

  16. Gym selfies

**Don't get mad at this article. It's just for fun. I like a lot of this stuff too.